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Hull Maintenance

H20 Mobility’s all composite build means never any rot from water soaked wood. Unlike aluminum pontoons we have no welds to break and no rivets that will loosen. Just like all fiberglass boats, our one piece hull just requires an occasional wash and wax.


Covering the Boat

For our customers that live in an area where an extra layer of protection is advisable, one can be bought through your local servicing dealer.


Upholstery Protection

To escape the arduous task of covering the boat after a day on the water you will find a system of slides on all upholstery that allows you to simply slide the upholstery pieces off and stow them in the boats bathroom compartment. Here they are protected from the sun and weather, from theft and damage, as well as the occasional wandering wild animal. 


Bottom Protection

For Customers that will be keeping their boat in the water full time, they should discuss applying bottom paint with their servicing dealer.


Engine Maintenance

Motors nowadays are designed to require very little maintenance.  You can check with your local servicing dealer and also be sure to read the owners manual that you will get with your boat.  that will be specific to your engine type and horsepower

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