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H2O Mobility has been enabling the physically impaired to get out on the water with family and friends since 2005. It is our mission to help those with physical disabilities regain their freedom on the water by custom manufacturing top of the line handicap accessible boats.

Each H2O Mobility boat is engineered to meet the individual needs of our customer to ensure the highest level of independence and freedom on any nautical adventure.

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Note that nearly all other pontoon boats utilize rolled aluminum into what are rolled and welded into what are called logs.  Originally designed and built for small freshwater lakes these boats were generally run with minimum power.  Our Fiberglass Hull design carries volume all the way to the deck, unlike round logs that lose buoyancy once they run more than half submerged.


Our Hull is designed as a catamaran hull, like many high speed ferries used throughout the world.  Additionally the Hulls help keep the engine from running aground allowing the user to operate in shallower water.

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Deck floorplan options allow for you to choose your perfect match for your specific needs.  Whether fishing or cocktail cruising with friends, we are certain to have a floorplan to suit your needs.        Our deck is custom engineered and specially reinforced to handle the weight of larger wheelchairs and features a nonskid pattern to provide traction.


The H2O Mobility's bathroom is an actual room with walls ceiling and door.  A fully functional porcelain head is an option over the standard porta potty.  With a hand shower and a sink there is no reason to not be able to make a day out on the water. 


Our optional Livewell is easily accessible to everyone onboard, not tucked away under a seat or stuffed in a corner.


Our standard twin bow lockers are self bailing and can be utilized for anchor storage or just fill it with ice to chill beach accessible drinks!


Each Boat comes standard with an easily deployed ramp to board from the side, and our optional bow ramp makes boarding at a boat ramp possible as well as beach access.  Additionally wonderful for the elderly, family pets and gear, the ramp folds up for storage on the boat.


With a flexural strength of 30,000-34,000 PSI, we use state of the art ceramic compounds that make our transoms some of the strongest in the industry, with no worries of ever rotting or failing.

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