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Frequently Asked Questions

What routine maintenance does this boat require?​

Our effort to focus on using the boat more for recreation then just another item requiring upkeep we have built these boats with ease of maintenance in mind. A simple fresh water rinse down of all fiberglass surfaces after use is recommended and sliding the upholstery off and stowing in the head makes quick work of keeping your new boat looking new.

Of course all fiberglass surfaces require a simple coat of wax, similar to an automobile at least once a year to keeps its sheen and protect its surface.

Your Suzuki engine is extremely low maintenance also. An illuminated light on the dash will warn you it's time to change oil, while also having a designed in guardian mode that will protect the engine from abuse. If used in salt water a quick flush after each use will ensure many years of carefree boating.


Can I drive the boat from a wheelchair?

Of course! We want you to! That being said we can make the boat accessible for both able bodied friends as well as those in wheelchairs, with a Helm chair that can be transferred onto, or simply moved to another location on the boat.



Can my wheelchair be secured to the deck?

Yes. This is a sensitive area and each customer has a different comfort zone as to locking down or not. We work hard to accommodate whatever makes them feel the most comfortable, so there are choices.



How shallow of water can the boat run in?

One of the advantages of a catamaran style hull is the keels help protect the propeller, You can say 14 inches of water however, that being said you can get into some very skinny water. Hard to give an actual measurement as it depends on motor choice as well as payload.

Where do I get my boat serviced?

The boat itself is built with simplicity in mind, as simple means less issues. That being said we have very little warranty work, however in the unlikely event that you have an issue we will work with a dealer local to you to have your concerns addressed.

Similar would be any issues with your Suzuki outboard, we would simply find the closest certified Suzuki dealer and have them perform any necessary work.

What is the Warranty for a Suzuki Engine?
Right now each engine receives a warranty good for five years!

What is the H2O Mobility Hull Warranty?

H2O Mobility provides its customers with a Lifetime Deck Warranty against rotting and a 10 Year Limited Hull Warranty.

Is the boat equipped with on board charging system?

Your dealer can install an inverter, It can be capable to charge your phone, other hand held devices and yes, even your power wheel chair, so yes.

Can it come with a grill for cooking?

Yes you can!! Just remember, everything tastes better when on a boat!

Can I carry more than one wheelchair?

Yes. you certainly can. Our decks are extremely spacious. We can also add additional securing points if that is requested.

Will the boat support a heavy powered wheelchair?

Yes. Max weight capacity per person ( wheelchair and passenger ) These boats are extremely weight tolerant, so it doesn't tip when passengers are shifted around. That being said the floors are all additionally reinforced to take extreme loads per square inch so its a non issue.


Most definitely! Each boat comes standard with a large Sunbrella Bimini with stainless steel hardware, and there is an option for a second front Bimini as well.

Can it be beached?

Yes, and your local dealer can offer additional rubber keel guards for the boat to protect the hull from scratches from sand.

Is my H2O Mobility boat unsinkable?

Of course it is. While most aluminum pontoons can sink, Ours are built differently to ensure your smooth ride and safety.  Being a fiberglass cat hull, we have the opportunity to add flotation throughout the hull to assure you that you are safe.

How many people can my H2O Mobility boat carry?

The 20' boat is rated to carry 8 people.

What is the fuel capacity?

Our boats are equipped with a 33 GAL in hull aluminum EPA approved fuel tank, that is encapsulated with epoxy for protection.

What is the maximum allowable horsepower?

Max Horsepower is 150 HP that pushed the 20' boat in the mid to upper 30s.

How wide is the boat?

8 foot six inches, the widest width allowable down the road!  This wide beam combined with our multi hull design also provides for a soft stable ride.

How long is the boat?

The actual length of the boat itself is 20'1", with an overall length including engine of 22' 3".

What is the fuel capacity?

Our boats are equipped with a 33 GAL in hull aluminum EPA approved fuel tank, that is encapsulated with epoxy for protection.

How will my boat be shipped to me?

We have a dedicated division that will deliver the boat to your selling dealer, or if you are not in an area serviced by one of our dealers, we will deliver the boat directly to your home or marine facility and teach you how to use the boat for your ease of mind and greatest amount of pleasure.

How do I pay for my boat?

We request a 40% deposit when you order your boat, followed by a 40% 2nd draw when the boat is pulled from the mold, with the remaining 20% due about a week prior to shipping. We accept checks as well as wire transfers.



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