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Why an H2O Mobility Boat?

             More Efficient = Less Worries

H20 Mobility is the countries only dedicated builder of boats designed and manufactured with challenged customers in mind.

The catamaran twin hull design means an extremely soft stable ride. What this equates to is a boat that not tender to weight shifts such as monohulls are, less tippy means less anxiety and more enjoyment. Fiberglass hulls perform better then the round tubes you see by utilizing hydrodynamic design creating lift while underway. All fiberglass Construction alleviates any chance of corrosion that aluminum absolutely does see, especially in saltwater environments. 

Built with the special needs of our clients ever present in every phase of construction, from design to manufacturing, we strive to build a boat that eliminates anxiety and challenges. In our construction we build in reinforced decks that allows vast accessibility for those in wheelchairs or with limited dexterity. A boarding ramp makes boarding easier for everyone, even the family pet. Our console seating and design even allows for someone in a wheelchair to man the helm with confidence and poise. Our Power pole option helps make anchoring as easy as pressing a button. No lifting or bending or pulling necessary.

H20 Mobility, combining over sixty years of boat designing and building to do only one mission, make boating accessible to everyone.

Click away to see the different layouts available for you and your loved ones. We invite your questions and look forward to seeing you on the water!

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